IT Staffing


Embarking on to new requests or new platforms to remain competitive requires managing a stable IT platoon and terrain without losing focus on core capabilities. Maintaining dependable IT terrain, sourcing right IT gift and maintaining them can be particularly grueling and absolutely imperative. IT Staffing gives your association access to the myriad of IT chops that match your business conditions. It’s a simplified and quickest way to gain control over your specialized staff while sizing up without the hassle of maintaining good coffers in- house. Our professed operation professionals can develop and maintain all operations according to your workflow while meeting aggressive design timelines.

Domestic staffing

US-IT staffing


Our educated platoon of babe, with huge database of IT professionals in colorful technologies, identify campaigners who have demonstrated good specialized aptitude, logical chops and interpersonal chops. As we’re in constant touch with hundreds of professionals on day- to- day base, we’re apprehensive of what they ’re paid, and what it takes to attract and retain them. With the help of the huge network, we can produce right seeker within no time. Our specialized platoon of experts perform thorough evaluation of the seeker through particular interviews and by executing written tests. Our background verification platoon by partnering with third party companies, conducts thorough verification of the campaigners past employment history including reference checks, instruments and education, felonious, medicine and credit checks.


LV7 solutions specializes in professional reclamation services helping guests hire right gift. The dynamics of endless replenishments are relatively unique, and the part of LV7 Staffing comes in right at the morning. Unlike general mates who just load you with inapplicable resumes, experts at LV7 Staffing begin their work by understanding the sphere and niche hiring requirements of the customer. The outbound hiring model strategically request customer’s gift need to both active and unresistent campaigners and vend openings not jobs. LV7 has both, the moxie and the experience which is critical in furnishing endless reclamation results.

Permanent Staffing

Temporary staffing


Changing business dynamics demonstrate that the demand for coffers in association is frequently design- grounded and temporary. In staffing engagement, it’s pivotal to find the right resource at the right time according to the customer’s detail. LV7 Solution’s crucial strength lies in relating and planting flexible coffers who can support customer during their expansion and growth phase.

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